Saturday, September 01, 2007

What a lineup!

On Meet the Press tomorrow, here's what they have in store:
Sunday, Sept. 2
Decision 2008 in-depth with four veteran political strategists: Democrats Bob Shrum & James Carville, and Republicans Mary Matalin & Mike Murphy.
I don't know about you, but I simply can't get enough of Bob Shrum. He's so good at politics. And of course, James Carville is exactly the face you want representing Democrats these days. Mary Matalin? She's the sweetest Republican there ever was! And Mike Murphy is ... who the hell is he anyway? He's a political consultant who used to advise John McCain. In 2000, here's what he did when McCain was battling George Bush in the primaries:
... Murphy "had pressed for a massive wave of phone calls to Michigan voters that linked George W. Bush to the anti-Catholic bigotry of Bob Jones University." It then explained how Murphy calculated his options when asked by an Associated Press reporter whether the McCain campaign had made the calls. "He could deny the calls -- despite the fact that he had written the script himself," wrote Kurtz. "He could confirm the calls and watch the breathless wire story dominate the news in the primary's final hours. Or he could stall for time. Murphy told [AP reporter Ron] Fournier he needed to check out the facts, which delayed the damaging story until the polls were nearly closed ...
A mini-Karl Rove, in other words. It's great to see the folks at Meet the Press giving viewers quality guests to opine on the political situation. Bravo!


Snark is not always cool, but this time so warranted,


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