Thursday, September 13, 2007

Smack dab in the middle of trouble:

Bush is set to say:
... Iraqi leaders have asked for an enduring relationship with America. And we are ready to begin building that relationship.
Talk about putting your hand in a hornet's nest. If the United States is going to stay in Iraq then it will be constantly affected by the turmoil that regularly hits the Middle East. And, and this is most important, it means that a conflict with Iran is much more likely.

Also, when Bush says "we are ready to begin building that relationship", what does he mean by "we"? Must be the royal we (Pluralis Majestatis) because not that many people are looking forward to deploying, and paying for, a substantial long-term presence.

SOMEWHAT RELATED: This blog predicts a further extension of tours from 15 months to 18 months sometime in 2008.


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