Monday, September 17, 2007

Frank Rich on

From his Sunday column:
Americans are looking for leadership, somewhere, anywhere. At least one of the Democratic presidential contenders might have shown the guts to soundly slap the "General Betray-Us" headline on the ad placed by in The Times, if only to deflate a counterproductive distraction. This left-wing brand of juvenile name-calling is as witless as the "Defeatocrats" and "cut and run" McCarthyism from the right; it at once undermined the serious charges against the data in the Petraeus progress report (including those charges in the same MoveOn ad) and allowed the war's cheerleaders to hyperventilate about a sideshow. "General Betray-Us" gave Republicans a furlough to avoid ownership of an Iraq policy that now has us supporting both sides of the Shiite-vs.-Sunni blood bath while simultaneously shutting America's doors on the millions of Iraqi refugees the blood bath has so far created.


Does Rich understand appeals to emotion?

If the Democrats were organized they could have turned the argument against the conservative hyperventilators by simply asking which of the general's prior bullshit predictions they were defending and why?

They could have asked the members of Congress who asked them to disown the ad to resign since they seem to prefer countries were no criticism of bullshit is allowed, like in Cuba.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/19/2007 4:02 PM  

Yawn. Get back to me when any of the Republican candidates criticize Ann Coulter for writing a book "Treason" that says that all Democrats are traitors. Then I might care about Move-On being "shrill".

- Badtux the "Goose 'n' Gander" Penguin

By Blogger BadTux, at 9/20/2007 1:02 AM  

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