Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fox News Channel's selective use of viewer responses:

After the Republican debate in New Hampshire, had a page devoted to viewer comments on which candidate did well, or did poorly. There were positive reviews for Ron Paul, but here are all of the negative ones. See if you can detect a pattern: (emp add, so it should be easy)
  • "Ron Paul is a very poor excuse for a Republican and should run with the other idiots on the Democrat side." — Mr. & Mrs. Payton (Florence, OR)
  • "Paul is a certified lunatic." — Rod (Garden Grove, CA)
  • “Poor old Ron Paul has just lost what sanity he ever had. I think the people in white coats should take care of him.” — Mary
Ron Paul: "idiot", "lunatic", "insane". As for the other candidates, there were few negative comments on the webpage and they were mild in comparison: "sidestepped" [the issues], "vague", "plain disappointing".

Fox News Channel sure knows how to sling someone else's mud.


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