Thursday, September 27, 2007

Chris Matthews' odd perspective when talking about Hillary Clinton:

I don't have a complete list here, nor the time to examine hundreds of Hardball transcripts, but the fact is that Chris Matthews often speaks of Hillary using words and pictures of a troubled domestic relationship or hostility to women.
  • December 2006 (from the Howler)
    MATTHEWS (12/19/06): Bob [Herbert], I know you`re a liberal, but when is a politician like Hillary Clinton or anybody else going to admit they have the "A" word—ambition—and stop with this coy thing about [fluttering eyelids], “I’m so flattered by so much interest?” It’s like a stripteaser saying she’s flattered by the attention.
  • January 2007 (from the Howler)
    [1/21/07] ... Matthews invited the idiot Fineman to share his recent thoughts about “Miss Perfect”—the fatuous thoughts he’d first revealed in that damn-fool Newsweek column. Indeed, to help the pundits along with their mockery, Matthews’ producers had even created a visual — a laughable photo-shopped image of “Miss Perfect,” Hillary Clinton, clad in a big poodle skirt.
  • January 2007 (from the Howler)
    MATTHEWS (1/26/07): Out here, this array of states, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, are going to be in play [in 2008], more so perhaps I would argue than the south, which tends to be Republican, or the industrial midwest, which may have a problem with a modern, as Bill Clinton would say, uppity women like his wife.
  • Earlier this year, at the end of the weekend Chris Matthews Show, he "amusingly" wondered what the relationship would be between Bill and Hillary if she was elected president. He then showed a clip from I Love Lucy, where one of the two was being spanked.

  • In August of this year, Matthews used a boxing metaphor:
    MATTHEWS: OK. Suppose [Edwards] opens a cut on her eye - using the metaphor of a boxing match - and that cut above her eye is the fact she took corporate money. She takes lobbyist money. Can she ignore that kind of punch?
  • Yesterday, following the Democrats debate:
    MATTHEWS (to Chris Dodd): Do you find it difficult to debate a woman?


    MATTHEWS: Let me tell you how short Hillary’s leash is. She was asked by [Russert] about whether we’re going to get full disclosure of contributors to presidential libraries. And she did not feel that she had the latitude in her husband’s absence to give [] an answer. She said, you’ll have to ask my husband, as if [] a guy [is] going door to door trying to sell someone and says you’ll have to wait for my husband to get home.
This is a partial list. Matthews has done this sort of thing many times.


Philley's Chris Matthews is a Cheese Whiz kind of guy, with lots of sizzle but no steak.


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