Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bush-watching ...

... is a hobby of this blog. And Andrew Sullivan had some pertinent comments along those lines following Bush's speech: (excerpts, emp add)
He seemed almost broken to me. His voice raspy, his eyes watery, his affect exhausted, his facial expression almost bewildered.

The case was so weak, the argument so thin, the evidence for optimism so obviously strained that one wondered whom he thought he was persuading.

The president's stunning detachment from this reality tragically endures - whether out of cynicism or delusion or, more worryingly, a simple intellectual inability to understand the country he is determined that the United States occupy for the rest of our lives.

The low-point was his almost desperate recitation of a poignant email that posited that this war is one between "good" and "evil".

The American people deserve better from a war-president: more honesty, more candor, more realism. Even now; even in the face of the horror we have witnessed for four years; even in the face of the failure that is still staring at us, he still cannot see what he has done or what is still unfolding in the Mesopotamian morass.
Bush was repeating a very, very stale set of talking points. Talking points from 2004: Freedom. Good versus Evil. Iraq could be the headquarters for Worldwide Terrorism Inc.

What a bore.


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