Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Did you hear Bush's speech yesterday where he spoke of a potential Iranian nuclear holocaust? Not the short clips that were aired (if at all) on the television news programs, but the whole speech. Hugh Hewitt played much of it on his radio show Tuesday. And Bush really amped up the rhetoric. He spoke in that belligerent, pugnacious style that had all the trappings of a "let's step outside and settle this now" attitude. Maybe Bush was merely playing to the crowd, but it's entirely possible that the speech - and Bush's delivery - was a window into his mind and that of his advisors. If so, get ready for fireworks later this year. (Because in the winter months when it's darker, the U.S. has a military advantage over Iran what with all the night-capable equipment that it has.)

UPDATE: You can read the speech here (or download an mp3 - the fiery rhetoric starts at the half-way point).


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