Friday, August 24, 2007

Krauthammer: To achieve our goals, regime change is needed in Iraq

From his column:
We should have given up on Nouri al-Maliki long ago and begun to work with other parties in the Iraqi parliament to bring down the government, yielding either a new coalition of less sectarian parties or, as Pollack has suggested, new elections.
That is a complete reversal of his pro-Democracy, purple finger, enthusiasm of two years ago.

Krauthammer admits the surge failed to achieve it's objectve. So end the surge and bug out of Iraq? No. He writes:
... replacing the Maliki government will take time and because there is no guarantee of ultimate political success. Nonetheless, continuing the surge while finally trying to change the central government is the most rational choice ...
It turns out that the surge wasn't the final effort after all. We just need more Freedman Units to "finally" get things right on the political front. And if that doesn't work, then Krauthammer will no doubt say that we need additional F.U.s to try to do some other "final" task. It never, never ends with the neocons.


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