Sunday, August 26, 2007

Broder can't say anything nice about Democrats:

But that's to be expected, since he's a Republican. His latest column is a wet dream about a Unity08-type ticket (Hagel, Bloomberg). What a waste of column inches, when he could be writing about the Iraq War, the relentless politicization of the government ("loyal Bushies"), or the recent mine tragedy. But no, he's got to say things like "Washington is gridlocked in partisan battle between two equally spent parties". Equally spent. 'Cause the Republicans have in over the last six yuears pushed too far with issues like Schiavo, dismantling Social Security, and earmarks galore, while the Democrats have pushed too far ... with what? They don't have a commanding position in Congress (Senate) and Bush's veto pen is at the ready. Yet Broder says that Democrats, who, if anything, are beginning their political ascent, are "spent".


They're "spent" because they spent so much time, effort, and political capital:

1. Trying to engineer an Iraq pullout in such a way as to make the resulting chaos look like Bush's fault, then giving up when it became clear that the Democrats would bear the blame.

2. Holding endless, pointless hearings about Gonzales' completely proper replacement of Clinton-era federal prosecutors, trying fruitlessly to find something, anything, to weave an impeachment of some sort out of.

3. Trying to convert 12 million illegal aliens into loyal democrats by teasing them with a huge politically impossible amnesty program, which came crashing to the ground, leaving the bitter taste of "increased workplace enforcement" in its wake. Now instead of "guest workers", we have $10,000 fines for employers who fail to fire illegal aliens.

"You're all going to be on the path to citizenship. PSYCH! Actually, you're all fired."

Oh yes, and the Democrats completely caved on the Supreme Court justices, the Federal district judges, and now the wiretap bill, which some are now claiming that they signed before they had a chance to read, because it contains a whole bunch of stuff that they vowed they'd fight against. Oops. What were they doing anyhow when they were supposed to be reading the wiretap bill? Still scouring the Gonzales testimony for hairs to split?

Their sole accomplishment has been a raise in the minimum wage, at a time of record low unemployment.

I've never seen a lame-duck president wield such total power over the opposition majority, and such a pathetic Democratic congress.

The Democrats have never seemed more impotent and over their heads.

By Blogger jms, at 8/26/2007 11:54 AM  

1. Funny how Bush's chaos is "progress" while the Dems' chaos is, um, chaos.

2. We really had to have those hearings on Clinton's BJ, didn't we?

3. Funny how a failed guest worker policy Bush backed shows the Dems' weakness and Bush's strength? Very odd...

In a period of record unemployment, wouldn't that be the best time to raise the minimum wage, especially when income is stagnant?

No one will argue against the Dems' lack of talent to beat the GOP in cynical partisan politics. We know they suck at that. Unfortunately, Dems are usually too busy doing their jobs, while Republicans have to fill their time while governing vast stretches of uninhabited land. Red state America indeed.

The Dems should be flogged for caving in on many issues, but you just want to put them in a lose-lose situation. Either they are holding "pointless" investigations, or they are "caving" in on apparently egregious GOP policies.

It is sad that people like you desire so much to see such a significant portion of this country fail.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/03/2007 1:45 AM  

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