Thursday, July 12, 2007

Washington Post says "Wait 'til September"

Or words to that effect. In an editorial that accuses both Bush and Iraq War opponents of "wishful thinking" we read at the end:
Conditions in Iraq today are terrible, but they could become "way, way worse," ...     The generals who have devised a new strategy believe they are making fitful progress in calming Baghdad, training the Iraqi army and encouraging anti-al-Qaeda coalitions.     Congress ... should at least give those generals the months they asked for to see whether their strategy can offer some new hope.
What's interesting these days is to read the comments appended to the editorial. They are often well informed, well written, and representan angrier segment of the public than the much-derided "liberal bloggers". Here are selected comments posted by readers:
  • Get over it Washington Post From day one, the generals have failed over and over again in Iraq. They are incompetent. They cannot and should not be given the endless opportunities they seek. Victory is not and will not be theirs. It's time to pull the plug on Bush's based-on-lies fiasco.
  • Does WaPo really believe that by September the US generals will be able make significant improvement? As I see it, the situation is gradually worsening. Now, safety and security of the Green Zone is stake. Are we waiting for the day when US troops will have to fly out of the Green Zone as it happened in Saigon? Have we not seen this movie before?
  • This editorial is on an automatic six month recycle. It's actually a brilliant way to stay in Iraq for ever. "Give the strategy six months to work.Change the policy. Give the policy six months to work" Repeat into infinity This plus "no matter how bad things seem now, they'll be far worse if we leave" seems proof against any attempt to insert a note of sanity into the debate. And so we continue our merry dance.
  • ... the people indulging in "wishful thinking" in this situation are NOT the Democrats in congress - who are willing to fact the cold, hard truth, that this war is already lost. The "Wishful Thinking" is being done by the WaPo editorial board - and Goerge Bush - who are desparately hoping that if they can just keep the war going for a while longer, some miraculous Deux Machina will appear to save them from having to face what fools they've been. How may more US solders and Iraqis, have to die to save Fred Hiatt's and George Bush's fragile egos? A number, please.
  • It is obvious that the Wash. Post editorial writers do not have any children in the military. Continue on with a hopeless, immoral war because some generals say things are getting better? When have generals ever said anything else? How far the Wash. Post has fallen.
  • And let's give them another 6 months. Have I heard this before. Fred, you have backed this mess from the beginning. It's time for our troops to come home and people like you can take their place. Are you man enough?


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By Blogger Tom, at 7/12/2007 7:30 AM  

I heard their crafting a new speech to explain the strategery...

When I come back, therell be no need to clock
Ill have enough money to buy out blocks
Tell my brother, go to school in september
So he wont mess up in summer school in the summer
Tell my cousin, jerry, wear his condom...

...Maybe scratch that last bit...

Tell my cousin, jerry, just say no...


By Blogger Enterik, at 7/13/2007 5:07 AM  

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