Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Apparently it didn't help:

If you watched the Sunday shows over the last decade, you must have noticed that a very frequent guest was John McCain. From a study reported in Media Matters in February 2006: (emp add)
The study also provides new evidence of the unprecedented positive media coverage from which Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) benefits. Media Matters found that McCain has been by far the most frequent Sunday show guest over the past nine years, making 124 appearances -- 50 percent more appearances than the runner-up, Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-DE). McCain has been granted 86 solo interviews -- more than Biden's total appearances, and nearly twice as many solo interviews as anyone else during the past nine years.
Yet McCain's presidential campaign is in deep, deep trouble. (Also, if there is an inverse correlation between Sunday show appearances and political viability, Joe Biden better start worrying.)

A year ago, liberals were concerned that McCain had a big advantage because of the television exposure. It does make a difference, but it's not clear how much. McCain, for those who watched him on the Sunday shows, was not challenged. It was more like, "Let's hear some straight talk from senator McCain about Iraq." Yet even after years of gentle treatment and substantial exposure, he's not the front runner. (But don't count him out. When the other Republicans flame out, he may end up being the last man standing.)


More time on television means more time to stick your foot in your mouth. McCain chose to try to be George Bush Jr. and he's now deeply regretting it.

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