Friday, July 06, 2007

So, did you like this week?

Readers of this blog were no doubt unhappy with the Libby commutation. Completely understandable. But you have to admit that it was a week full of news, analysis, and commentary. On Monday, the breaking "Libby will have to go to jail" followed later that day with Bush's commutation. Immediate reactions all around, especially in the blogs. Then Tuesday Bush saying that he might pardon Libby later on. Tons of editorials condemning Bush's action. Olbermann goes ballistic. That takes us to the Fourth of July, which reminds us of what government should be like (equal treatment under the law) and the high-minded notions of Madison and others who crafted the Constitution. By that time, crazy comments from Peretz and Dershowitz and other neocon goofballs are making the rounds. Rolling into Thursday we see a picture of Libby's $250,000 check, presumably written without having to mortgage his house or sell a car or two. Throughout the week, Tony Snow redefining the word "farce". The Libby commutation shining a bright light on Bush's lack of compassion (both as Texas governor and President). The hypocrisy of Republicans regarding perjury. And so on.

This is what political junkies revel in.


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