Monday, July 23, 2007

Shorter David Brooks:

If you're unhappy about your economic situation, it's because:
  1. You're impatient. Wait for your reward.
  2. The 90's were good, so stop complaining.
  3. You're unable to celebrate stagnant wages (be reassured, income volatility is "probably" not trending upwards).
  4. You're stupid and don't work hard enough.
  5. You're not a good worker anyway.
  6. You're not working enough hours.
  7. You don't understand that the "filthy rich" are really some other guys, so stop bitching about CEO pay.
  8. Even if the CEOs are making out like bandits, unlike everyone else in a company, the CEOs get to be paid in proportion to the company's size.
  9. You can't appreciate that "we’re in the middle of one of the greatest economic eras ever"


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