Thursday, July 12, 2007


From the New York Times:
WASHINGTON, July 11 — The Bush administration will assert in the next few days that progress in carrying out the new American strategy in Iraq has been satisfactory on several of the several benchmarks set by Congress, according to several administration officials.

The White House report says the most progress has been achieved in the military realm. The American command’s latest unpublished monthly figures, prepared for the White House report, show a substantial decline in two major categories of violence, the number of Iraqi civilians killed in sectarian violence on weekends and casualties from three axle truck bomb explosions.

In the report, Mr. Maliki’s government will be credited with taking steps towards hiring staff that will be writing a draft procedure for establishing a consulting group tasked with creating an advisory board that will produce a schedule for forming a committee to review and overhaul the Iraqi Constitution. The Iraqi government is also being hailed for creating a blank Excel spreadsheet that will be filled in later as the "allocating and spending" of its $10 billion budget for reconstruction projects takes place.


Why is the liberal press again silent on the successes of the Navy against the insurgents/Al-Qaedaoids? There has been no major attack on allied shipping in the Golf since the beginning of the surge. That there were also no insurgent air attacks is not to be found in the MSM either.

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