Monday, July 02, 2007

In this age ...

In a WaPo op-ed, Under John Roberts, Court Re-Rights Itself, Edward Lazarus tells liberals to pretty much forget about the Supreme Court and look to the legislative and executive branch for change. That the Warren Court was an exception; that historically the Supreme Court has been conservative both economically and socially.

He goes on to say: (emp add)
With a conservative court presiding in this age of terrorism, the real question is not what gains progressives may make in this area, but how much ground they will lose.
Yup, that's about right. We are in an Age of Terrorism. Big time. Lots of terrorists out there. No nuclear bombs, biological weapons, or chemical weapons. But lots of dynamite and nails and cars and cellphones. With those terrifying weapons it's clear that they threaten the country's very existence and justify calling our era the "age of terrorism". Why? Because Edward Lazarus said so.


I'm terrorized. I'm really afraid of what George Walker Bush, Richard Bruce Cheney, and his whacko Supreme Court are doing to my country.

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