Thursday, June 07, 2007

Washington Post's Op-Ed Comedy Corner:

Shorter Willian Otis (a former federal prosecutor):
Convicted felons with access to big money, like Lewis Libby, shouldn't do jail time. They should only pay fines.
Shorter Robert Novak:
John Edwards' presidential ambitions are at risk because the following Democrats aren't impressed with the guy:
  • Mark Siegel (A 35-year party insider who also was, and remains, a big-time lobbyist.)
  • Bob Shrum
  • James Carville (who co-signed a letter asking the judge to show lenience toward Libby)
Shorter David Ignatius:
It's not Republican cronyism, utopian neocon ideology, or Cheney-and-Rumsfeld orchestrated fake intel that's the problem. Our response to Hurricane Katrina and the chain of errors that spawned the disaster of Iraq are symptoms of a disease of noncommunication. We cannot access the expertise we possess.


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