Sunday, June 10, 2007


Is it time to stop caring?


Actually, it's now well past the time to stop caring. The streets are all rolled up and only the zombies are walking them at this hour.

By Blogger Azael, at 6/10/2007 7:28 AM  

I meant, is it time to stop caring about the insanity? Romney or Fred Thompson for president 'cause they look and sound good. Justice Department corruption. More power for the powerful. The establishment is out to get you. The "surge" in Iraq is working, according to Lieberman (who also wants to bomb Iran). Murdoch talking over the media. The press largely somnolent. Cheney the effective president. Rudy saying the JFK airport plot show the nation is in peril. Etc.

By Blogger Quiddity, at 6/10/2007 12:37 PM  

Never stop caring. Never.


By Anonymous djmm, at 6/10/2007 5:15 PM  

I know how you feel. It's been a ridiculous and disheartening few weeks.

And I'm only now really appreciating some of the poison seeds that Bush and Cheney have planted that will blossom only in ten or fifteen years.

At least the last Gilded Age was replaced with a Progressive Era, the reforms of which still persist. There's hope.

I would hate if you ended your brilliant, witty blog, I'll say that much.

By Blogger Emphyrio, at 6/10/2007 11:49 PM  

I cared for a long time, or I thought I did. I stopped years ago, when it became apparent that nobody else (well, not nearly enough others) did, and that everyone else regarded those who did as dangerous left-wing socialist radical traitors who wanted to destroy Western Civilisation as we know it — or, at least, those were the opinions of those who had an opinion; the rest were and are too somnambulant to notice what's happening, and will only be roused when they start to freeze or starve in the dark.

So yes, it's time to stop caring.

Perhaps I'll care again when the pitchforks and the torches come out, and the scum, or their successors, for successors there will be, are hounded into the streets and hung from the lampposts. But things will have to have gotten very, very bad before that happens, and that may take a very long time.

By Anonymous Mike, at 6/11/2007 5:17 AM  

Lieberman is telling the media that we should bomb Iran.

This creature nominally caucuses with Democrats, and nothing has been done by the "liberal elite politicos" to stop it.

I've been waiting years for people to take to the street and eat the rich, and it's not happening. I don't think it will ever happen. You'd have thought that seeing Americans devolve into somalis in New Orleans would have woken someone up, but they just figure it's a good time to make a profit by taking their construction companies down there.

At this point, all I can even muster the strength to say is "meh." If I actually "talk" "out loud" to people about this stuff, then they regard me as a complete lunatic.

By Blogger Jeremy, at 6/11/2007 5:56 AM  

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