Monday, June 04, 2007

Obama the magic neolib?

The teaser for Fred Hiatt's essay, Can You Tell Them Apart?, reads:
On foreign policy, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are closer to each other -- and to the Bush administration -- than you might think.
God help us all. Recently, the Post's Richard Cohen was saying Bush was a neoliberal (and widely quoted by "genuine" conservatives like Laura Ingraham). Now this.

Romney is a well known idiot (Sunni = Shia = Muslim Brotherhood, "double Guantanamo"). Bush is delusional. Is Obama in the same category?

Or is Hiatt trying to undercut his candidacy?

OUTRAGE CORNER: In the course of the essay, Hiatt writes of Romney [emp add]:
Romney says that "the jihadist threat is the defining challenge of our generation," as real as the threat that was posed by Nazi Germany and Stalin's Soviet Union, and he promises an appropriately sized response.
Note Hiatt's wording:
The jihadist threat is as real as the threat posed by Hitler and Stalin.
That's a bullshit term. Saying it's "as real a threat" comes of in many minds as "as great (or likely) a threat". But that casual interpretation evaporates if you pay close attention. All Hiatt is really saying is that the jihadist threat is not an imaginary one. We know that. Is it much of a threat? Not if the latest round-up of let's-remove-the-No-Parking-signs-at-JFK-airport-and-therefore-destroy-the-US-economy culprits are any measure of what we have to face


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