Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bill Kristol is right:

It really is a pain in the neck when a meddlesome busybody bureaucrat gets in your face while you're blowing the cover of a covert CIA agent for political gain. Enough already! Best to abolish the agency that breeds these officious scoundrels who dare intrude on the hallowed ground of the OVP.

How can Cheney be expected to efficiently deploy top secret information if he has to comply with arbitrary standards for handling such materials? Give Dick some breathing room, for crying out loud. Important men cannot be tied down by petty rules and regulations.

When Hitler's bombs were falling on London, did Churchill have to deal with the Information Security Oversight Office? No! He put classified papers in his cigar box, where they were safe and secure for the duration of the war. Sadly, this country has forgotten that valuable lesson.

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