Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Living in a world of their own:

You recall that people upset with Wikipedia started an alternative, Conservapedia.

Now, we read this:
Republican White House veterans Charlie Gerow and Jeff Lord have created a new conservative video Web site called QubeTV, which they describe as an alternative to YouTube, a popular clearinghouse for sharing video files.

YouTube rose to prominence in political circles last year when former Sen. George Allen, Virginia Republican, had his infamous "macaca" moment posted on the site, which many believe led to his defeat by Democrat James H. Webb Jr.

Both Mr. Gerow and Mr. Lord, who served as aides during the Reagan administration, say QubeTV is necessary because of what they view as an anti-conservative bias by the administrators of YouTube.
So, here's how a conservative can spend the day:
  • Wake up and read the New York Post*
  • Drive to work listening to Laura Ingraham
  • During the lunch hour, check out some QubeTV videos
  • Drive home listening to Michael Medved or Sean Hannity
  • Turn on Fox News Channel for "fair and balanced" reporting
  • Look at a few entries at Conservapedia
  • Before going to sleep, spend thirty minutes reading a book published by Regnery
* They deliver in cities outside New York


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