Thursday, May 03, 2007

Broder Bilge:

The "Dean" has another entry in his pro-bipartisanship essays, this one called, get this, Thankless Bipartisanship. Before we look an an excerpt, remember this:
Broder-approved bipartisanship allowed Bush's 2001 tax cuts to become law.
Now to the essay:
[This week Sen. Lamer Alexander said] "the Senate spent three days debating and passing perhaps the most important piece of legislation of this two-year session. Almost no one noticed."

Alexander has a point. The bill, boldly named the America Competes Act, authorized an additional $16 billion over four years as part of a $60 billion effort to "double spending for physical sciences research, recruit 10,000 new math and science teachers and retrain 250,000 more, provide grants to researchers and invest more in high-risk, high-payoff research." ....

The House has yet to act on most of the provisions, and finding the money to implement them will not be easy.
So, Broder's bipartisanship results in trillions of lost taxes going to the treasury, yet he's touting a punk program ($60 billion) that has the bipartisan imprimatur, and concludes that bipartisanship is the way to go these days.

Broder's bipartisan fixation is nothing more than a way to insure that the very right-wing Republicans have a say in crafting legislation - no matter how little they represent the public.


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