Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Shorter Jonah Goldberg:
We can't have government run health care because, well, because we can't.
To understand what's going on here, check out Ezra Klein's post (before reading Goldberg's Corner post). Total, absolute, intellectual bankruptcy by Goldberg. Instead of arguing about the efficacy and efficiency of a policy (in this case government run health care) Goldberg says we can't have it because American culture would reject it. When someone like Goldberg stars using culture, it's a sign that they can't argue for their point with hard facts. Talk about bringing a subjective element into a debate! Maybe that's all Goldberg wants at this point. To waste the time and energy of single-payer advocates with extended discussions about national character.

Closing thought. According to Goldberg, Social Security was a bad idea, 'cause we Americans are an independent lot and don't need no meddlin' by them busybodies in Warshington.


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