Monday, April 02, 2007

Orrin Hatch says it's impossible!

On Meet the Press, in a discussion about Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Orrin Hatch said: (emp add)
And I personally believe that [Gonzales] ought to be given an opportunity to continue because he’s done a good job otherwise. Yes, this is a flap that looks bad, but I don’t see any criminal activity at all. I do see how you can misconstrue what he said.


And frankly, in order to make [the charge that Gonzales lied] stick, he would have had to have willfully and intentionally lied. This man isn’t capable of doing that. He’s a good man, and yes, it’s been a flap that has been embarrassing to him, to the administration, and to Republicans in general.
No need for investigations. You see, Gonzales cannot lie. Ever. Orrin Hatch just said so.


But, of course, Orrin Hatch is lying about that.


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