Monday, April 23, 2007

Is Harry Reid an embarrassment to the Democrats?

David Broder thinks so. And so do others. It's all about Reid's statement that the U.S. has lost in Iraq. But he's right. It's a correct assessment based on the administration's own standards.

Reid is no dummy. In fact, he's continued to speak on this topic and this Monday said that Bush is in denial over the war. Reid is ginning up the issue. Why? Partly because of the political calendar. Reid wants a debate on Iraq this year. Waiting until early 2008 to demand a troop withdrawal would likely end up with everybody saying "forget it, wait until Bush is gone". And thus, Republicans would be taking less heat for the war. But by making it an issue now, Reid forces Republicans (especially those in Congress) to stand with Bush, and most likely get entangled defending "Bush's War". And that's what Reid is trying to accomplish.


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