Saturday, March 10, 2007

David Sirota on the Obey flap:

If you like pragmatic politics, this post by Sirota will make sense.


Sirota's post kinda makes sense, but not really. Granted, what I saw in the video replay was that Obey was in a bad mood before he started talking. I love Obey in most areas, believe he is a decent person in the best sense--and my sense of fair play says, "Give the man a break! It was a bad hair day."

Still, for Obey to call his usual "liberal" allies "idiots" means he has ingested the hatred against "liberals" spewing from television and radio over the years against and, like the corporate media in general, blames "liberals" for bad things Bush does.

Obey says that "liberals" are "idiots" because, if Congress cuts funding, Bush won't fund the necessary armor for troops. That's BUSH's choice-- and BUSH's fault, not Congress' fault if that happens. The point is to stop the madness of King George, either by completely cutting funding for the war or impeaching the guy--and Cheney too.

Obey speaks in this instance like he is not in Congress and can't figure out what to do other than let a madman have his temper-tantrum in expanding a war that has only created chaos and undermined our national security.

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