Friday, March 02, 2007


me no like new Blogger. unclear how changing the login from the old username to a Google e-mail account would preserve the alias established for the old username. apparently it does, but the underlying logic is not clearly demonstrated anywhere in the Blogger help pages.

In brighter news, Kudos to Google for reversing its recent "improvement" of Google Image search. When it started out, you would get a page with thumbnails along with dimensions and URLs. A couple of weeks ago it was changed so that that information was only displayed when the cursor was moved over a particular thumbnail (Javascript enabled browsers). Which was clearly a deterioration in functionality. The good news is that somebody at Google woke up and realized that the new feature was nothing more than flash, and they removed it. Unlike the fools at Yahoo who still to this day, haven't worked all the bugs out of their Yahoo TV listings page, three months after the "beta" launch.


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