Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The shallow thinking of Joe Klein:

Via Digby, we read this from Joe Klein's blog: (emp add)
McCain, whether you agree with him or not, has been entirely consistent about the war. I disagreed with him about going to war in 2003, agreed with him about the need for more troops until last summer, when it became plain that we had no reliable ally in Iraq, and I disagree with him now. We're well past the point where a minimal, exhausted U.S. military force can bring stability, by itself, to Iraq. I admire McCain's honorable willingness to take this unpopular position into the 2008 election ...
Wait a minute. It's one thing to admire someone who advocates an unpopular position if you think it is the right position. But why admire somebody, like Joe Klein does, for simply being contrarian? Does Joe Klein admire members of the Flat Earth Society?

What a lazy thinker.


Joe Klein pinned a combat metal on his own chest for valiant anti-war activities he made up about himself. He never was a Dixie Chick.

This guy gets confused with how to use a mirror. He was a perfect match for Time Magazine though, another old media rag that needs to have its role outsourced to the web.

Joe Klein is going to drown in the swamp.

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