Wednesday, February 21, 2007

George Bush supports the troops!

That's right. He really does. Why? Because:
  • He sends them out to fight.
  • He cheers them on as they fight.
  • He wears their uniforms.
  • The fight hasn't been a disaster (yet).
That's all it takes, folks.

But, you might say, what about:
  • Making sure the troops have proper armor.
  • Insuring that they are not abused through tour extension and repeated deployment.
  • Proper funding for veterans' health care.
  • Having a decent hospital (unlike Walter Reed) for rehab.
If you care about the items listed (directly above), you are being far too rational. That's not how people think. Supporting the troops means, for the most part, supporting what troops are there for - fighting and killing.

As long as you do that with sufficient propaganda ("defending America against the terrorist threat") you're pretty much home free.

So, dear reader, don't waste your energy arguing that Bush and the Republicans don't support the troops. Because, at the crudest (reptilian brain) level, they do.


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