Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Christian Coalition is caught dead to rights:

Josh Marshall catches the Christian Coalition being explicitly partisan. Usually when they attack Democrats or support Republicans, there is a justification, however tenuous, based on their religious inclinations. But that's totally absent here. The Christian Coalition is attacking Nancy Pelosi by making charges they know to be false. (The relevant details about Pelosi not being able to take a commercial flight have been well publicized.)

From TPM's post: (emp add)
Picking up on the implications for evangelical Christianity, the Christian Coalition condemsn Pelosi ...
Christian Coalition of America condemns the new Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, Democrat from San Francisco, for trying to get luxurious travel paid for by the American taxpayers. Is a first class seat on a commercial jet no longer good enough for Speaker Pelosi? Nancy Pelosi is demanding that the Air Force provide her with a large jet on demand - "Pelosi One" - so she can transport her political cronies, favorite Members of Congress, congressional staffers, friends and relatives back and forth to her district in San Francisco every week.
Yes, everybody knows the Christian Coalition supports Republicans, but it's always useful to have a really good example you can 'point to' that will demonstrate their lack of principle. Now you have one.


Excellent point, Quiddity!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/08/2007 10:32 PM  

The "Christian" Coalitionists pile up their treasures on earth by bearing false witness.

Since it is a matter of national security post 9-11, the Air Force decides what it will provide the Speaker of the House, the 2nd in Presidential succession. The Sergeant-at-Arms of the House requested a jet that can carry enough fuel to reach the new Speaker's home state of California without stopping, which would be a bigger jet than the one that former Speaker Hastert flew to Illinois. The Air Force is considering what it will provide to the new Speaker.

This is what the wacko right wing echo chamber find scandalous. After years of cozying up to corruption, ignoring indictments and imprisonment of Republican Congresspeople and Republican White House members, they point at a liberal and faint.

Where's the video or transcript of Nancy Pelosi "demanding that the Air Force provide her with a large jet on demand." Where's the true witness from the "Christian" Coalition to that conversation?

Didn't think so.

By Anonymous deben, at 2/09/2007 7:00 AM  

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