Sunday, February 11, 2007

Blogger round-up on Kristol:

What started it was reported by Think Progress: Kristol: Obama Is ‘The Opposite Of Lincoln,’ Would Have Been Pro-Slavery [a more apt blog post title should have ended with "Would Have Been Like Stephen Douglas, Tolerant of Slavery]
Linking progressives to discredited figures of the past is all the rage in right-wing-land. Kristol is merely following in the footsteps of Jonah Goldberg who says Matthew Yglesias is, when you think about it, kind of like Charles Lindberg.

All kidding aside. Here you have Bill Kristol, so ferocious in his support for war that when he encounters someone who takes a contrary position, takes a benign character attribute (a professed desire for unity and compromise) and uses it to say he's like Stephen "compromiser" Douglas and decidedly not like Lincoln. The same charge could have been leveled at Bush when he said he was a "uniter" or any time David Broder gets giddy about bipartisanship. What Kristol said was ugly. And to compound the slur, he directed it towards an African. That's ugly squared.

ALSO: Looks like Churchill is out and Civil War figures are in. From today's Meet the Press:
House minority leader, Republican John Boehner of Ohio: (on staying in Iraq)
I just finished reading last fall a—Lincoln, “Team of Rivals.” And look at the number of times that Lincoln could’ve given up or should’ve given up. But he had a goal, the—hold the union together.
Next up, conservatives tout Generals Grant and Sherman as having the "stomach" for the fight. And therefore, so should you!

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Billy Kristol is a comic, the sit-down, not stand-up, variety. Is Harvard still letting him teach his comedic foreign policy course?

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