Monday, January 22, 2007

A bleak view - from Robert Kagan, et al.

Over at Belgravia Dispatch, there is an interesting excerpt from the AEI Kagan Keane "surge" proposal. Here it is: (emp add)
The [current level of the] Army and Marine presence in Anbar is inadequate to maintain even the most basic security in that province. The situation in Diyala is almost as dire. Pulling troops from either province to reinforce operations in Baghdad would almost surely lead to the further collapse of those regions. Salahuddin is similarly problematic, while security in Ninewah is extremely precarious.
Do you know where all those places are? Here's a map showing the provinces: (from Wikipedia)

The regions colored (above) are where the situation is grim. And that assessment is from people who think a surge in Baghdad (red) and Anbar is going to help make the Iraq venture a success.

Fat chance.


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