Saturday, December 23, 2006

Remember this?

From October 2003:
This puts accountability right into the White House," a senior administration official said:

White House announces reorganization to deal with Iraq and Afghanistan (according to story in the New York Times). Here's a snapshot.

Why is this being re-posted? Because the Bush administration has time after time after time asserted that the "next step" was going to lead to success. This particular case is one of the earlier ones, from over three years ago. And now the latest gambit is that a "surge" is going to make things right. Enough already. (Yes, this commentary is inspired by Kevin Drum's post about how giving Bush more troops will finally make the war in Iraq look like a mistake.) Bush and his supporters have been wrong on virtually all the key assessments and implementations. Sometimes it's hard to keep focus on that, because of the kind of political dialogue we encounter every day. Bush has been wrong, is wrong, and should not be indulged any more.

Also ... even though so many Big Names have been wrong, does anybody think that Bill Kristol will no longer be invited to Fox News Sunday? Or that McCain and Lieberman won't be chatting with Tim Russert? In any society that valued simple matters like being correct on foreign policy, these clowns would have been banished from the public arena a long time ago. But Rupert Murcoch and G.E. and the Washington Post don't care about that. They want war and they will continue to support advocates of the Iraq war regardless of the facts. And when things go completely sour, or when the troops are finally taken out, get ready for it. These Masters Of The Media will give a forum for commentators to blame Democrats or liberals or anyone else they can find, for the failure. Expect to hear the kind of nonsense Tom DeLay says now ("It's the fault of the liberals and the media and the Democrats").

Facts don't matter. Being right or wrong doesn't matter. What matters is who controls the press.


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