Monday, December 25, 2006

Been getting any good Spam lately?

I've got several email accounts, and the ones that are used for critical communication are reasonably free of spam (e.g. Yahoo and POP). But for some web-based email services, like Excite and Lycos, their spam filters are letting a lot of junk through. For those two, each account gets approximately 25 spam email a day. And they come in waves, especially the penny-stock-scam ones. What's interesting is that they all have the same title and message format, so they are competing against themselves. And anyway, who is going to be impressed by a pitch for, say, Wild Brush Energy (WBRS), when there are a couple of dozen touts for the same stock received on the same day? Anyway, here is a short list of what's showing up in the inbox:
  • SUBJECT: It ready
  • SUBJECT: Mcmanus advice     FROM: "German Mcmanus"
  • SUBJECT: Greetings Claire     FROM: "Claire Page"
  • SUBJECT: RE: Goldberg Insider Information     FROM: "Katy Goldberg"
Each of those 'themes' listed above lasted about one week each. Who in the world is going to pay attention to this obvious synthetic stock scam?


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