Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Predictable outrage is boring:

It's that time of year, again, when Bill O'Reilly is fighting against the "War on Christmas". This time his target is retailer Crate & Barrell, which he has apparently muffed due to carelessness in determining the facts.

When this anti-"War on Christmas" stuff first appeared (2004?) it carried some punch, even if it was wrong and misguided, because it was a fresh outrage the right could get excited about. But times have changed. This year, some folks (like this blogger) were openly wondering back in October when the defenders of Christmas would get started and what retailers and groups they would pick on. And that's a sign that this particluar "outrage" is a spent force.

Considering we are in holiday season, it's like a family gathering where uncle Joe is invited and everybody knows he's a grouch and always complains about "kids these days, with all their electical gizmos". And he shows up. And he complains about "kids these days", and everyone tunes him out.

O'Reilly is going to be tuned out as well.


Best description I've heard of O'Reilly: he's the grumpy old uncle that shows up at family gatherings, slightly drunk and completly and belligerently loud, can't be argued with, can't be disinvited or ignored, and won't shut up.

If you have an Irish family, you already know this guy.

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