Friday, October 20, 2006

Why McCain wants an additional 100,000 troops:

Glenn Greewald has a post that discusses John McCain's mostly incoherent 'plan' for victory in Iraq. But there is one aspect of the plan that is clear. John McCain advocates bringing in an additional 100,000 troops in order to 'win' in Iraq.

Why does McCain say that? Because it will never happen and therefore he cannot be charged with supporting a plan that failed.


McCain is playing upon the sound bite nature of reporting and the lack of clsoe attention to and analysis of his utterances. What McCain is actually saying is that the US Military authorized strength should be increased by an additional 100K. An effort which would take literally years. He is not advocating sending an additional 100K troops to fight in Iraq but he is being exceedingly coy about making the distinction when his interloquitors misunderstand his proposal.

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