Saturday, October 28, 2006

Google News:


The second link, REASONS TO VOTE REPUBLICAN ON NOV. 7 is to an opinion piece by Mona Charen. The third link is to a Wasthington Times opinion piece by David Limbaugh disparaging Democrats. Kos has complained recently about opinion and other junk infecting Google News. This is a prime example.


I'm a prime example too - I've been on the front page numerous times, and sent the freepers into a rage the one time I got the top slot on a story - and while I understand why people get annoyed at finding opinion pieces mixed in among the straight news, such as it is, a click of the mouse brings up hundreds of related stories on any front-page item. On the Cheney waterboarding story, the Huffington Post was on and off the front page for two days. Is that bad too?

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