Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Rabbi Marc Gellman:

Josh Marshall tips us off:
Rabbi Marc Gellman: How could Jews not all support Lieberman since he's a Jew too?
Follow the link and read this:
In truth I am also bewildered about why Jews do not support President Bush more than the pathetic 22-26 percent ...

So he supports the war. So what?
"So what?" indeed.

Gellman also spoke out about the Terri Schiavo case, where he wrote:
... this obviously is not Terri Schiavo's time. She is alive, innocent and mute. She is not at death's door. All this sound and fury is about cruelly bringing the door to her.
No, she really was dead.


Atrios found this Gellman quote from 2000:

"Voting for Lieberman because he is Jewish is just as wrong as voting against Lieberman because he is Jewish. Acceptance means being considered for public office because of where you stand on the issues, not where you stand on the sabbath. Politics isn’t baseball. There is no room in politics for irrational rooting for the hometown team. If you believe in Lieberman’s political views, then you should vote for him; if you don’t, then you shouldn’t, and you should not feel as if you have betrayed Judaism or the Jewish people or God by your vote."

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