Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Murtha's accusers:

In the New York Times, there is an OpEd, Purple Heartbreakers that looks at charges leveled against Vietnam Veterans who, as it turns out, all were opponents of Bush (one way or another). These charges all were related to their military service, and happen like clockwork. Every two years.
  • 2000 - John McCain - nut case from the torture (whisper campaign in So. Carolina)
  • 2002 - Max Cleland - stumblebum who dropped a grenade on himself (Ann Coulter)
  • 2004 - John Kerry - didn't deserve Purple Hearts or Bronze Star or Silver Star (Swift Boat Vets)
  • 2006 - John Murtha - disn't deserve Purple Hearts and question Bronze Star (former political opponents)
The essay in the Times uses most of its ink challenging the objectivity of the "news" service that, most recently, has raised questions about Murtha. They show that the Cybercast News is run by a David Thibault, who worked for the Republican National Committee, and that the article questioning Murtha's medals was written, in part, by a former producer for Rush Limbaugh.

The OpEd fails to let you know the specifics of the charges, and who made them. It can be found in the CNS article here. All the accusers are former political opponents of Murtha. Below, we diagram the situation.

When the only people making charges are former political opponents with axes to grind, and especially when it's in the wake of a political dispute (Iraq War), the reasonable conclusion is that the dispute is completely synthetic and nothing more than a smear campaign.


As a side note, I am part of an effort to draft the author of the NYT piece, James Webb, to run for the Senate in his/our home state of Virginia. He would be challenging Republican George Allen.

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