Sunday, March 20, 2005

They said it:

From today's Meet the Press:
Gwen Ifill, PBS' "Washington Week"
Well, look at what happened in the 2004 elections and what's happened since. Congress has actually done a great deal, but they've done a great deal on the economic front. They've passed bankruptcy reform. They've passed class-action reform. "Reform" is the word that they use, but they have done a lot to benefit people economically , and people end up--before they left town, they passed a whole new raft of tax cuts which would disproportionately benefit wealthy people
David Broder, Washington Post - speaking about John Bolton and Paul Wolfowitz
Often in the second term you get second-rate appointments, and these are first-rate appointments. These are not hacks. These are real, quality people that he's been able to mobilize and bring into the administration.


Gwen Ifill and David Broder, however, have turned into hacks before our very eyes.

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