Sunday, October 10, 2004

Not pussies:

We took another look at the message board on Yahoo for Sinclair Broadcasting and found this gem:
Get out of this stock, fast

You've undoubtedly heard that they are forcing all their stations to air an anti-Kerry documentary just before the election. Well, I monitor the liberal blogs and sites and I gotta tell you there is a bloody fury brewing. Don't assume that liberals are pussies. At this point they are so freaking mad and energized that they'll do whatever it takes to bring this company down. Stay away. You don't want to see your capital incinerated because this family business wants to use the business to push a political agenda. Put your money somewhere else until the storm blows over. Hey, maybe this stock will be an excellent buy at $2 in a couple weeks.


OT - (blogwhoring) For a considertation of Mr. Bush's "intentionality" defense of the invasion of Iraq, may we suggest today's post in Pudentilla's Perspective in which Pudentilla describes the kind of neighbor George Bush would be. (/blogwhoring)

By Blogger Pudentilla, at 10/11/2004 8:32 AM  

All I know is that my wife, who's not usually given to political activism, has taken this on as a holy crusade. She's called at least three dozen people and talked to anyone who'll answer the phone at every Sinclair station in the state.

Last night, the Sinclair-owned Fox affiliate in Milwaukee declared in its newscast that it wouldn't be bullied into not showing the anti-Kerry film. Bad move.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/11/2004 11:35 AM  

And here's a preview of stories pro-GWB bloggers may choose from after the election:

If Kerry wins
1. Theresa Heinz Kerry killed John Heinz.
2. Kerry selling nuclear weapons to al Qaeda.
3. Hillary was seen at White House event, therefore runs Administration.
4. Kerry tax cuts are social engineering.
5. The Bush economy sure is taking off.
6. Look at the mess in Iraq!!

If Bush wins
1. Bill Clinton killed Vince Foster.
2. Bill Clinton sold secrets to China.
3. Hillary is plannning to run in 2008.
4. Debt is irrelevant.
5. The economy will improve some day soon.
6. We are standing tall in Iraq.

By Blogger smashedcitizen, at 10/11/2004 5:07 PM  

The stock has been trending down since January. Trying to pick a bottom is sometimes referred to as "trying to catch a falling knife."

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