Sunday, May 02, 2004

Was today the day things changed?

It sure feel like it. The impact of those pictures taken in the Iraqi prison, the withdrawal from Fallujah, bringing back a top Republican Guard general, another shipment of tanks rushed to the theater, proper troop levels in dispute, lingering resentment in the Middle East over Bush's embrace of Sharon's plan, some members of the Coalition now less "willing", charging opponents of the war as racist or anti-Semitic, general confusion as to who is in control over what in Iraq, a sharp increase of troop fatalities, private contractors misbehaving, Ahmed Chalibi still getting money for his services, the Deputy Secretary of Defense doesn't know now many have died, time (now a vital commodity) lost due to the Provisional Authority squandering months of opportunity, and so on.

The smell of "we can't win" is pretty strong right now.

Question: Is anybody in control?

If this mission is as important as Bush said it is (defeating evil-doers) then why hasn't there been somebody "on top of the situation"? It sure isn't the president.


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