Saturday, May 08, 2004

That wacky New York Post:

We took a look at the New York Post to see how they are handling the Abu Ghraib torture story. It was very interesting. Here are excerpts from their editorial (emphasis added):
Donald Rumsfeld acquitted himself convincingly and with dignity at yesterday's hearings on Capitol Hill.

Let's be clear: The Army openly announced that it was investigating abuses at Abu Ghraib on Jan. 16 - just three days after it was notified about them. It made another announcement about criminal proceedings in March.

That the media chose not to pick up the story and that lawmakers showed no interest in it until photographs were broadcast by CBS is hardly Rumsfeld's fault.
Of course, nobody outside of the military had a clue what the problems at Abu Gharib were or how extensive.

Anyway, here is a sampling from the Post's letters page for Saturday. Seven of ten letters were supportive of the war effort or dismissive of Kerry. They were straight out ot the Hannity playbook:
  • In wartime, a few bad apples are bound to surface. When they do, you swat them down like the vermin they are - and you move on.

    You don't defame an honorable man [Rumsfeld] serving his country during these perilous times.

  • Please note: They did not slit their throats, burn their bodies and hang them from a bridge. The Iraqis are the ones who commit such atrocities.

  • It is absolutely outrageous that the Democrats and the liberal media are calling for Rumsfeld to resign over the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by a handful of wayward U.S troops.

    I was disappointed by the actions of a few of our people in Iraq.   ...   But I am more ashamed of our media for helping our enemies by distributing anti-American propaganda.

    A lot of these liberal media types seem to have no loyalty to America ...

  • We are still waiting for apologies from anyone in the Muslim world for the murder of 3,000 Americans in the World Trade Center.

  • Who cares how Iraqi prisoners get treated?     Have we all forgotten how these people treated America's people on 9/11?

    I say do whatever it takes to keep our guys safe over there ...

  • Kerry has not only accused an entire generation of American servicemen of committing far worse atrocities than humiliation, he has confessed to committing such atrocities himself.


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