Thursday, May 06, 2004

Right wing radio watch:

We are listening to Michael Medved in his first hour proclaiming that the abu Ghraib torture stories show why women and gays should not be in the military. Women? They have urges and when you put them in positions of power over men, what can you expect? Medved is tapping into the woman-as-temptress theme. Gays? Medved asserts that the activities in the prison clearly show that they were "closeted gays". (Sorry, no audio available. Our technical set-up is inoperative at the moment.)

On the other station, Hannity is raving. He is saying that "It's insane out there" - referring to the critics of the prison issue. Claims "Libs" want Rumsfeld's head. Hannity is pushing the us-vs-them theme. Sadly, hey is getting traction from Ted Rall's cartoon about Pat Tillman. Our position on that is the same as Tom Tomorrow. Rall made fun of those who are paying the price for failed policy, and not the policymakers themselves.


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