Wednesday, March 10, 2004

White Knight-Ridder:

Two bloggers have some interesting things to say about Knight-Ridder's coverage of the news:
Matthew Yglesias in TAPPED
For my money, the most interesting part of Michael Massing's review of media coverage of Iraq intelligence before the war was the revelation that while most of the press fell down on the job, Knight-Ridder's Washington Bureau was far better. Unfortunately, since the chain doesn't own any papers in the nation's major news markets, no one noticed. Now I check for their coverage of the issue all the time and it's still the best.
Kevin Drum of Calpundit
... read the last seven paragraphs of the Knight-Ridder piece. Those are unusually bald assertions for a straight news piece, especially since they don't include the usual "according to sources" or "some critics say" pretense.
We plan on making Knight-Ridder's Washington Bureau webpage a regular part of our reading. You might want to also.


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