Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Prager's inxanity:

Today, Andrew Sullivan is upset with Dennis Prager's latest commentary on Why? The title is a clue:
San Francisco and Islamists: Fighting the same enemy
Sullivan excerpts a couple of paragraphs and concludes, "So now gay people - many of whom are conservative and people of faith and are fighting simply to commit to one another under the law - are the moral equivalent of Osama bin Laden. This is Jerry Falwell territory." (Of interest is Sullivan's approving link - earlier in the same day! - to Prager's essay on The Passion of the Christ: "A sage and balanced analysis. ")

But there's more. Prager does not speak only about the gay issue, but more broadly against The Left. Here, are some choice excerpts: (emphasis added)
  • America is engaged in ... a war for the preservation of the unique American creation known as Judeo-Christian civilization.

  • One enemy is ... secular extremism ... directed from home.

  • America leads the battle against ... secular nihilism and is hated ...

  • ... the Left is preoccupied first with destroying America's distinctive values -- a Judeo-Christian society (as opposed to a secular one), capitalism (as opposed to socialism), liberty (as opposed to equality) and exceptionalism (as opposed to universalism, multiculturalism and multilateralism).

  • There have been many Christian countries, and they are no longer. They have been replaced by secular countries, and they are weakening. Only American civilization remains strong, and it does so because of its unique amalgam of values rooted in Judeo-Christian morality.

  • This civilization is now fighting for its life ...    Join the fight, or it will be gone as fast as you can say "Democrat."
This is the paranoid style writ large.


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