Wednesday, March 03, 2004


Imagine you have a machine that allows you to travel backwards in time. Imagine also, that you have a copy of Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ and a portable movie projector (it runs on batteries). From the list of entries below, indicate which ones you would go to and show the film:
  • Norwich, England in 1144
  • Blois, France in 1171
  • Lincoln, England in 1255
  • Munchener, Germany in 1285
  • Chinon, France in 1321
  • Zurich, Switzerland in 1348
  • Vienna, Austria in 1421
  • Toledo, Spain in 1501
  • Frankfurt, Germany in 1614
  • Haidamacks, Russia in 1734
  • Wurzberg, Germany in 1818
  • Odessa, Russia in 1905
  • Kielce, Poland in 1946
If you selected any entries from the list above, discuss how and why human nature changed at that time such that showing the film would not incite violence towards Jews.


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