Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Who the Wall Street Journal editors like:

There is a page with dozens of links to the "Favorite Sites" that the WSJ editorial section likes. Buried down in the page are links to The Onion, Talking Points Memo, and even the Internet Movie Database. But they have a top-tier set of links. Here they are, in the order listed by the WSJ:
Washington Times
National Review
Jim Romenesko's Media News
Fox News
The Drudge Report
Congratulations to Mickey Kaus! You made it, man. You're in the same company as Drudge, InstaPundit, and the Washington Times.

Other links on the WSJ page:
Little Green Footballs
And in their "Serious Research" section, we find:
Serious research? Of course. Now all columnists have a college degree, thanks to Ben Shapiro's stint at UCLA.


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