Wednesday, October 01, 2003

A Murdoch paper weighs in:

From today's editorial on the Plame scandal in the New York Post: (excerpts, emphasis added)
... president Bush has promised to "get to the bottom of" the matter and hold to account those responsible.

We believe him.
Take Joseph Wilson, the former Clinton national-security official. Wilson touched off the whole story when he charged that the White House had ignored him when he said reports claiming Iraq had tried to buy uranium in Africa were unsubstantiated.
The CIA operative, whom Novak has identified as an analyst - not a field operative or spy - working on weapons of mass destruction, is Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame.
Wilson - a harsh Bush critic with ties to far-left organizations and publications ...
Then there's Wilson's claim that he was specifically sent to Africa last year on Vice President Dick Cheney's orders to investigate the Iraq-uranium claim.

Cheney says he knew nothing about Wilson's mission until it became public knowledge.
It's been suggested that Plame may have pressed the CIA to select Wilson for the investigation - which certainly would make her agency ties relevant, at the very least, and not the kind of malicious payback that's been suggested.
Make no mistake, though - this "scandal" is but one more effort in an ongoing fight:

First, to undermine and derail the president's War on Terror.

Second, to defeat Bush at the polls next November


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