Friday, October 03, 2003

Headlines: (from Google News' first page of results for the Kay report)
No illegal weapons found in Iraq, US investigator says   San Francisco Chronicle, CA
No weapons found in Iraq, report says   San Jose Mercury News, CA
US report finds no illicit arms   Boston Globe, MA
6 months later, Iraqi arms elusive   Arizona Republic, AZ
Iraq: US Inspector Says No WMD Found   Radio Free Europe
Weapons team seeks more time   Seattle Post Intelligencer, WA
'No WMD' found in Iraq   CNN International
US weapons hunters are re-examining the only discovery the Bush.... [about the 2 trailers]   Boston Globe, MA
US Weapons Inspector: No Banned Weapons Found in Iraq Yet   Voice of America
'We found nothing, despite Saddam's ambitions'   Independent, UK
Iraq investigator tells legislators no WMD   United Press International
Searcher finds no WMD in Iraq   Atlanta Journal Constitution, GA
No Illicit Arms Found in Iraq, US Inspector Tells Congress   New York Times
Hard-Charging Kay Takes Heat on WMD Issue   Kansas City Star, MO
US-Led Team Says No WMD Stocks Found in Iraq   Reuters, UK
No Weapons Found Yet   ABC News
No WMD in Iraq: US search chief   Toronto Star, Canada


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