Thursday, August 14, 2003

One year old:
Today is the first anniversary of our initial weblog post.

We've learned a lot during the last year. Blogging tends to do that, 'cause you have to read more news and think carefully about it in order to present a sensible post for readers.

We adhere to the Blogger's Code:
  • Significant changes marked with an "UPDATE".
  • Make it clear what a link is about.   No "Go read this" posts.
  • Quoted material clearly identified by a change in font.   In our case, the color.
  • When emphasis is added to quoted material, provide notification.
  • All sources are, as much as possible, respectable news outlets.
  • No flaming of other bloggers (Mickey Kaus and Andrew Sullivan excepted).
  • If we first learn something from a blog, we cite that in our post.
  • Image file sizes are as small as is reasonable - so that low bandwidth readers aren't stuck with long waits.
We try to bring original material to readers, even if it is a re-presentation of information in a table or as a diagram.

Of course, we love diagrams. They're not always appropriate, but sometimes with complicated relationships between players, a diagram helps sort out the issue better than lots of text.

We must admit to almost catching "lefty blogger disease" at times, especially after reading about one more lie from the administration or a right-wing commentator, but we've been lucky so far and have kept up our spirits.  And as far as being a "lefty", we're really, as Tom Tomorrow said in a recent Salon interview,"... the radical center expressing its voice."

Thanks to all our visitors for stopping by; we appreciate you taking time to visit uggabugga. We're only 2nd or 3rd tier in the ecosystem, but still proud of our over 1/4 million visitors in the last twelve months.

Finally, a big Thank You to Ted Barlow, who encouraged us to start blogging. Ted's a great writer and a blog pioneer.


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